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User Guide to Permanently Erase SD Card on Android

You might encounter some cases when you need to wipe out data from Android SD card to clean slate. For example, if you plan to give the 8GB storage card to your friend, you probably want to erase all data from your Android device, especially those private photos or videos.

Well, think it is just a matter of deleting these unwanted files within the device itself? You are wrong! You can temporarily get them off, but such deleted files will be easily recovered as long as anyone get a professional data recovery program. Therefore, to permanently erase SD card on Android, you should choose a reliable data eraser like this Android Eraser software. With it, it is just a piece of cake to erase SD card on Android as well as other files from Android SIM card or internal memory. All different files including contacts, messages, videos, photos, apps and many more can be perfectly supported. Also, various Android devices like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG and so on can all be compatible.

Now, you can get the free trial version to give it a try by yourself!

Steps to Permanently Erase SD Card on Android

Make sure SD is inserted into your Android device. Then connect it to the computer via the USB cord while opening the installed software on the computer.

Now, select the mode of Erase All Data to continue the process. (Note: The current version only supports Erase All Data mode, so you are suggested to back up other important files in case of unwanted data losses. It will be improved in the coming versions.)


On the pop-up window, remember to hit the OK option to continue the process. Finally, just wait for the process to get completed within a little while!

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