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Simple Way to Clear History on Android

Be it searching the internet for some answers, or doing online shopping on your Android browser, the internet browser will automatically record your browsing history. And these search history will memorize the personal information you fill in on your Android browser, such as email address. Therefore, for your privacy's sake, you are warmly advised to clear history on Android at regular times.

Also, by cleaning up history on Android, you can also free up more space on your device for saving useful files. Then you absolutely can't miss this Android Eraser software, which allows you to easily clear history on Android. With this software, you can also clean up other useless junk files from your Android device, including download temp files, app crash logs, app caches and many more. Moreover, this software allows you to permanently erase anything from your Android phone, be it useless junk files or useful but unwanted files like private contacts, photos and etc. And files deleted within this software have zero chance of being recovered. This software enables you to free up as much space and speed up your device to the best!

Now, just get this software and begin to clear history on Android now!

User Guide on How to Clear History on Android

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your device and scan for all the files on your Android device, including these useless junk files.

Now, you can see different file folders are arranged on the left panel for your reference. You can then enter the right tab to choose the files and delete unwanted search history on Android. Finally, just wait for the process to get completed within a little while.

Android history cleaning with this Android Eraser software is just a matter of a few clicks! So you are also looking for a way to clear history on Android? Just fully rely on this software!

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