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Simple Way to Clear Cache on Android Phone

With more and more useful files saved on your Android phone, more cache files will also be accumulated and saved on your Android phone. For example, when you finish downloading photos from Android, photo caches will be created; when you get an useful app from the internet, the corresponding app caches, app crash logs and etc. will be generated. And it is strongly suggested to clear Android cache at regular times. Well, if you say that these files do nothing harmful to your Android device, so it's quite okay to let them lurk in your device. That's not actually right! Since these files can eat up your precious storage space and slow the operation speed of your Android device. So how can you clean cache files from your Android phone?

Just rely on this Android Eraser software, which is able to automatically detect the cache files and remove them from your Android phone within simple clicks. With this software, all cache files as well as other junk files like download temp files, app crash logs and many more can be all supported. Aside from junk files, you can also use this professional tool to erase other files once for all, which is especially useful when you want to permanently wipe out some files from your phone such as private photos, contacts and etc. Most importantly, this software can support various Android devices, including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and etc. Below is the free trial versions! Why not get the right one and try it out by yourself?

User Guide on How to Clear Cache on Android

First of all, open the installed software on the computer and then get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will automatically detect your device and all files.

Now, after selecting the right erasing mode and erasing level, you can tick out the cache files you want to erase from Android. Finally, click on Erase option to clear Android cache within simple clicks.


As to other files, you can simply follow the similar steps to clear other files on Android as you needed!

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