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Multiple Ways to Free up Storage Space on Android

With more and more files saved on your Android phones, your device will soon be filled up with various files like contacts, messages, music songs, photos, downloaded apps and etc. Unless your Android device boasts of a massive amount of storage space, it is quite natural that you will face storage shortage after using your device for some time. So how will you fix this problem? Below are some useful tips for you to free up storage space on Android!

Tip 1 - Clear Useless Files from Android

Together with the useful files saved on Android phones, some useless junk files will also be generated and saved like download temp files, app caches, app crash logs, photo caches and etc. To free up as much precious space, timely cleaning them up is of great importance. You can use this Android Cleaner software to automatically and smoothly clean up these files from your device. This software can powerfully detect all the lurking junk files and perfectly support all brands of Android phones/tablets.

Steps to use this software:

- Open the installed software and get Android device linked to the computer.

- Select the right erasing mode and erasing level. And choose the files you want to remove.

- Click on Erase option to begin the file cleaning process from your Android device.

Tip 2 - Insert A SD Card and Move Data

Since the storage space of Android internal memory is quite limited, you are suggested to insert an external SD card to expand the storage space. Though the storage you gain can’t usually be used for apps and other system files, but you can store music, videos, pictures, and other media files there. Also, some apps can be allowed to moved. Inserting an external SD card can be considered as a good way to free up as much storage space on Android device.

Tip 3 - Uninstall Unused Apps from Android

Since apps can occupy a great deal of space on your Android phone/tablet, you had better uninstall those unused apps from your device to free up more space.

Tip 4 - Delete or Transfer Media Files

If you want to free up more space on Android device while reluctantly delete files like photos, videos, music songs. Transferring these files to the computer as a backup can be a perfect solution. In this way, you can not only save these important files but also free up more space on Android device.

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