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In this part, you will get professional guide on how to recover files from iPhone, iPad and iPod under various circumstances. And if you want to know everything about Android cleaning and erasing, check here. If you want to learn Android backup or Android recovery tips, just click here. And if you need to transfer files between two phones, like Android, iPhone and Symbian device, click here.

Best Way to Recover Lost Files from iPhone
In this passage, you will learn how to easily and safely recover lost files from iPhone. Want to know more? Just read the passage to begin iPhone data recovery as needed and wanted!

What to do if iPhone Was Stuck in Recovery Mode?
iPhone is stuck in recovery mode? There is no need to get worried at all! This passage tells you how to easily get iPhone out of recovery mode as needed and wanted.

How Can I Easily Restore Contacts on iPhone?
Losing contacts on your iPhone is no more a nightmare! This passage tells you an easy and fast way to easily restore contacts on iPhone!

Easy Way to Recover Text Messages from iPhone
This passage is a simple guide, telling you how to easily recover SMS messages from iPhone. Can't wait to recover text messages from iPhone? Just give it a go!

Guide to Restore iPhone without iTunes Backup
Want to restore iPhone but have no iTunes backup? It can be as easy as pie! Just read this passage to get the super easy way!

How to Easily Recover Notes from iPhone
This post is a guide, aiming at telling you how to easily and quickly recover notes from iPhone. So do not cry over the lost notes! Just get them back!

How to Recover Videos from iPhone
After reading this passage, you will know how easy it is to recover videos from iPhone. So if this is what you are looking for, just read the passage to get the simple solution.

How to Restore iPad without iTunes
This passage is just a post, telling you how to easily restore iPad without iTunes. So if this is what you are looking for, just read the article and get the easy solution.

Guide on How to Restore iPhone from iCloud
Losing important files from iPhone and now want to recover them from iCloud? This is just a piece of cake! You can now read this passage to restore iPhone from iCloud in one click!

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