Motorola Data Eraser

One-stop Solution to Erase Data from Motorola

Delete some unwanted data from your device, only to find they could be recovered with a professional recovery tool? Then possibly your personal information may be leaked due to these deleted files. So, this Motorola Data Eraser comes to your assistance, which is able to wipe out anything as wanted without possibility of being recovered!

  • Safe. Permanently erase unwanted data like contacts, SMS as wanted;
  • Fast. Quickly wipe out batches of files from Motorola.
  • Powerful. Free up more space & protect personal privacy.
  • Compatible. Support different Android phones & various files.

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Permanently Wipe out Anything from Motorola

  • This Motorola Data Eraser offers you with a deep scan and the most efficient data protection solution to wipe everything from Android permanently. So, there is no need to worry about accidental privacy leak due to these deleted files, since your personal information can be safely kept.

Ability to Quick-Erase Batches of Files

  • With this software, erasing lots of files at one time is no more a big deal. You can wipe out the maximum amount of files within the minimum time. After all, no one wants to spend too much time waiting for the erasing process to complete.
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Protect Privacy & Free up Space

  • After erasing all unwanted files from Motorola, the related personal information will also be wiped out permanently. Your private information will be gone once and for all. Moreover, more space will be freed up to save more new files.

Perfect Compatibility with Phones & Files

  • This Motorola Data Eraser can support more than Motorola device. With it, all brands of Android phones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and etc. can be suited. Also, files ranging from internal memory data like contacts & SMS to SD card data like photos, music and more can all be fully compatible.



"Wow, really the deleted files can't be recovered with whatever powerful recovery tool. Now, I can safely sell out my old Motorola phone to get new one! " - Jessica

"It's really easy to use, now more space has been saved on my phone! " - Sophia

"I like this software, I can now easily erase many files at one time. Much more time-saving now! Thanks! "- Melody

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