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This part tells you various guides on Android backup and recovery. But if you want to know something about cleaning and erasing files from Android phones, just click here. And if you need to sync files between two devices, such as iPhone, Android and Symbian device, click here.

How to Recover Lost Photos from HTC Phone
Are you seeking for ways to restore deleted pictures on your HTC mobile phone? If so, you can try this HTC Photo Recovery, which helps you regain all lost HTC photos without any quality loss.

How Can I Restore Deleted LG Photos
In this page, you will get the best LG Photo Recovery program to help recover lost pictures from LG mobile phone. Now you can download the free trial version to try it first.

Sony Photo Recovery
Accidentally deleted or lost important pictures from Sony Android phone? Learn how to recover deleted photos from Sony Ericsson or Sony Xperia by using the best Sony Photo Recovery software.

Retrieve Deleted/Lost Photos from Motorola Phone
Deleted or lost Motorola Android phone photos can be easily recovered by using Android Photo Recovery. With it, you can get back lost photos from Motorola Droid Turbo/Moto X/DROID RAZR without any difficulty.

Android Video/Movie Recovery
Lose your favorite movies from your Android device? Don't panic! This tutorial will guide you through the process of recovering lost or deleted video files from Android phone/tablet.

Restore Lost Movies from Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2
A step-by-step guide shows you how to recover deleted or lost video files from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 4/3/2 and tablet with Android Data Recovery.

Undelete HTC Video Files
Are you looking for a solution to recover deleted videos from HTC One/Desire HD/Hero/Widefire? Come in and learn method for htc video recovery. It can also work for other Android devices.

Restore Lost LG Videos
Lose important videos on your LG phone? Don't worry, this tutorial will teach you how to recover deleted video files from LG Android phones easily, including LG Optimus, LG G2, LG G3, etc.

Sony Ericsson/Xperia Videos Recovery
Feel sorry that you accidentally deleted your favorite videos on Sony Ercisson/Xperia E? Here you can get the most efficient solution to recover deleted or lost videos from Sony mobile phone with ease.

Retrieve Deleted Videos from Motorola Phone
As a Motorola phone user, what you will do if you delete valuable videos from your Motorola phone by accident? Learn how to recover deleted/lost video files from Motorola Droid/Atrix/Defy/Razr Android phone .