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This part tells you various guides on Android backup and recovery. But if you want to know something about cleaning and erasing files from Android phones, just click here. And if you need to sync files between two devices, such as iPhone, Android and Symbian device, click here.

How to Restore Lost Messages from Samsung Phone
In many cases, we are likely to lose text messages without warning. Now with this recovery program, everything will be alright, as it can help recover all deleted SMS messages from Samsung smart phone.

Easy Way to Export Contacts from HTC Phone to Computer
Worry about losing contacts all of a sudden? Read this page, you can try this program to transfer all contacts from HTC mobile phone to PC as a backup file.

Guide to Transfer Text Messages from HTC Phone to PC
This page will introduce you how to export SMS messages from HTC mobile phone to computer with the best file transfer program. If you own a HTC cell phone, you can't miss it.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from HTC
After losing messages from HTC phone, you should stop receiving or sending SMS with your HTC mobile phone at once. Then you can try this recovery program to restore them completely.

How to Print Out SMS Messages from HTC Phone
For some reasons, you may need to print off text messages from HTC mobile phone. In this page, you will learn how to print messages from HTC with the simplest and effective way.

How to Restore Lost Contacts from HTC Phone
The first thing you should do after losing contacts from your HTC mobile phone is to stopping editing or adding contacts to your HTC phone. Then you can operate this software to retrieve them.

Simple Guide to Backup Messages from LG Phone to PC
With this software, you are able to completely backup every detail of your text messages from LG mobile phone to computer. So that you needn't worry about losing them from LG cell phone all of a sudden.

How to Export Contacts from LG Phone to Computer
If you need to take contacts for more usages, you should transfer contacts from LG mobile phone to computer first. Then this program could be your assistant.

Three Steps to Recover Deleted Messages from LG Phone
Lost precious text messages from your LG smart phone? Don't worry. This recovery program could be the best helper, as it can restore deleted SMS messages from LG phone with the simplest way.

How to Restore Lost Contacts from LG Mobile Phone
Mobile phone users are likely to lose contacts for various reasons. Now with this recovery software, you can completely retrieve all deleted contacts from LG phone no matter how you lose them.