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This part tells you various guides on Android backup and recovery. But if you want to know something about cleaning and erasing files from Android phones, just click here. And if you need to sync files between two devices, such as iPhone, Android and Symbian device, click here.

Don't Want to Lose Files from Android Internal Memory? Back Them up!
Losing important files all of a sudden can be a disaster! This passage tells you how to back up files from Android internal memory, so as to free from such troubles!

Want to Know the Best Way to Save Motorola Photos to SD Card?
This post is just a guide, telling you how to transfer photos from Motorola phone to the SD card in the easiest way!

Cry over the lost files from Android SIM Card? No Need!
After losing files from your Android SIM card, you can actually recover them within simple clicks as long as you follow the tutorial instructed in this passage!

Click to Know How to Save Sony Contacts as HTML Files
Are you looking for a way to transfer contacts from Sony phones to HTML files? This passage will tell you how to transfer Sony contacts as HTML file in one click!

How to Share Music Songs from Mac to Motorola Phone
If you want to export music songs from Mac computer to Motorola phones in an easy and efficient way, you can read this passage to get the perfect answer!

Viewing Deleted SMS from Motorola Can't Be Easier!
In this passage, you will learn that viewing deleted SMS messages from Motorola phones is just as easy as pie! Want to know how? Just read the passage!

One Click to Sync Samsung Internal Memory to Computer
This post is just a guide, telling you an easy way to transfer files from Samsung internal memory to the computer!

Here to Get the Best SD Card Manager for Android Phones
In this passage, you will know how to manage your Android SD card files in the best way! Want to know how? Just click it to get more information!

Android SD Card Recovery is Quite Easy!
This post is just a guide, aiming at telling you how easy it is to recover files from Android SD card. So if this is what you are looking for! Just read it!

Android App Manager for Windows/Mac
In this passage, you will get a powerful App manager for Android users, so you can freely manage App files on the computer, be it Windows or Mac!