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This part tells you various guides on Android backup and recovery. But if you want to know something about cleaning and erasing files from Android phones, just click here. And if you need to sync files between two devices, such as iPhone, Android and Symbian device, click here.

How to Install Apps on Sony Phone
Have no idea on how to download and install apps on your newly got Sony Xperia mobile phone? This article will show you how. All you need is a capable Sony Apps Installer.

Download Apps on LG G3
This article is going to share you with a useful tips on how to access and download various apps on your LG G3 mobile phone with professional LG G3 Apps Downloader.

Install Apps on Google Nexus 6
This article mainly tells you an easy way to install apps on Google Nexus 6 mobile phone with the help of Nexus 6 Apps Installer. Read this article and you will find how simple and quick it is.

Android Apps Uninstaller
Want to uninstall apps on Android phone or Android tablet in bulk easily? It is easy to be achieved as long as you have an capable Android Apps Uninstaller - Android Assistant.

Delete Apps from Samsung Galaxy S6
Follow the 2 simple steps here to delete unnecessary apps from Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/Note 5/4/3 with the help of Galaxy S6 Apps Remover for Mac and Windows.

Remove Apps on HTC Phone
Tired of removing apps on HTC phone's small screen? Try this HTC Apps Remover tool, which allows you to delete apps from HTC One M8/M9/Desire HD/Evo/Hero on computer conveniently.

Uninstall Apps on Motorola
You can uninstall downloaded applications on your Motorola Droid/Atrix/Defy/Razr in order to free up space and memory on the Motorola phone. Here is the guide on how to delete Motorola phone apps.

Uninstall Apps on Sony Mobile Phone
You are able to uninstall and delete applications on your Sony Ericsson/Xperia with one click by using the professional and effective Sony Apps Uninstaller.

How to Delete Apps on LG G3
Deleting unnecessary or boring apps from your LG G3 helps to free up space and you can install other new applications for enjoyment. This guide will show you how to uninstall LG G3 apps completely and easily.

Delete Apps from Nexus 6
This is a guide shows you how to remove unwanted apps on the Google Nexus 6 phone. Nexus 6 apps remover enables you to delete apps from Nexus 6 effortlessly with 1 click.