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Guide to Remove Apps on Google Nexus 6

Reasons to remove applications from your Google Nexus 6 can be various. Sometimes the apps on your Nexus 6 don't work, or you are not interested in them any more. Also it is necessary to remove some useless applications on the Nexus 6 in order to free up your phone's space. Whatever the reasons, you can follow the directions shown in the below to deleted apps from Google Nexus 6.

If you prefer to remove apps on Nexus 6 without deleting them one by one, you need the help from the third-party tool - Coolmuster Android Assistant. The application can help the user to delete useless apps securely and quickly right from the Nexus 6 on computer. And you can also download and install your favorite apps and export apps to the microSD card in your Nexus 6 via a 1-click process.

The free trial version of the Nexus 6 App Remover - Android Assistant can be downloaded via the following buttons. After that, read the 2-step guide in the below to uninstall apps on Nexus 6 with ease.

How to Use the Nexus 6 Apps Remover for Mac/Windows?

Step 1. Install and run Nexus Apps Remover

Launch the Coolmuster Android Assistant after you downloaded and installed it on your computer. use a USB cable or Wi-Fi network to connect your Nexus 6 phone to the computer. Android Assistant will detect the connected Nexus 6 and show it in its primary window.

phone info

Step 2. Remove apps on Nexus 6

All file folders on your Google Nexus 6 are displayed in the left side column. Choose "Apps" tab to enter the apps managing window and you will see all existing apps on your Nexus 6 are listed here. Tick off the apps you want to delete and click the "Uninstall" button to complete the apps deleting task.

preview apps

If you are using other Nexus phones like Google Nexus 5/4/3 or Nexus tablets like Nexus 7/9/10, don't worry, Android Assistant supports almost all devices that runs on Android OS.

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