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How to Root Android Mobile Phones?

What's Android Rooting?

In simple terms, Android rooting is to give users access to the whole operating system of their Android phone. And this process is often needed when Android users try to flash their device, uninstall apps that are installed by mobile phone makers and operators, launch some third-party programs, improve the running speed of their smart phone, and so on.

However, there are risks to rooting Android devices. First of all, it is unacceptable for handset manufacturers to root Android phones on your own, then they will disavow your warranty after you get ROOT access to Android phone, so that you will spend more money on repairing damaged device. Secondly, it is risky to root Android devices. If you fail to achieve this process, your mobile phone may be unable to be turned on and features will be no longer functioning properly. Thirdly, some users are likely to delete core components of the system by mistake, which will put your phone out of commission. What's more, if your ROOT permission is exploited by viruses and trojans, you may suffer ever greater losses. So before rooting your Android phone, you must weigh the pros and cons very carefully. If you have decided to root Android devices, you can follow the next instruction to complete it.


1. Download and install Java JDK and Android SDK on your computer in order.
2. Link Android device to PC via USB.
3. Open USB debugging on your mobile phone( Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging).
4. Install USB driver on your Android mobile phone.

After the above steps, you need a root tool. Here I suggest you to download SuperOneClick on your computer from its official website: Then act as the following guide to root Android phones.

Simple Guide to Root Your Android Devices

Step 1. Install SuperOneClick on your computer according to instructions, and launch it with double click.


Step 2. After opening the program on PC, you will get a menu as shown. Then press "Root".


Step 3. This rooting process will last for a while. As soon as a pop-up window shows up( see picture), this process will be finished. Now you can run a test.

finish process

Step 4. Restart your Android phone, then this program will install a Superuser binary on your phone. When you run Coolmuster Motorola Data Recovery on computer, you will get a menu as following. Please press "Allow" to get ROOT permission on your Android phone. By the way, you can also download Superuser binary on Google Play.

superuser request

Now you have finished the whole process of rooting your Android phone. Keep in mind not to give ROOT access to all apps without confirming the security of them.