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Easy Way to Fix Water-damaged Android Phone/Tablet

What should I do? I mistakenly dropped my Android phone/tablet into water. Will all the save files disappear from my phone? Any way to fix it? Thanks for your advice in advance!

After getting your Android device out of the water, there are several things you need to do immediately.

> Turn it off if, it isn’t already, and do so quickly.

> Remove any protective case as well as SIM and microSD cards.

> Remove the battery.

> Use a cloth, sleeve or paper towel to dry your phone.

> If needed, you can also use a vacuum.

> Bury your device in a ziplock bag full of uncooked rice.

Finally, let your Android device get dried for one or two days. Then just charge your phone and try to open it. If the saved files were gone from your device, just get this Coolmuster Android Data Recovery to recover the lost files from your water-damaged Android phone/tablet. With this software, data recovery from water-damaged Android devices cannot be easier. All you need to do is follow the exact steps! All the important files will be recovered within simple clicks. And this software can support various file types like messages, contacts, music, videos, apps and many more. Also, different Android devices can be fully suited!

Below is the free trial version! You can download the right one to give it a try!

How to Fix Water-Damaged Android Phone/Tablet

Step 1. Link Android Phone to Computer

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then get your Android device connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your device and show you the below interface.

main menu

Step 2. Recover Wanted Files from Water-Damaged Android

Now, you can see that different file folders are arranged on the left panel. You can then enter the different file tabs to choose the files you want to recover from water-damaged Android device. After that, you just need to click on Recover option to begin the data recovery from water-damaged Android device.

Within a little while, the lost files will be recovered and saved on the computer!

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