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How to Transfer Files between Motorola and Computer?

You can use a USB cable to link your Motorola mobile phone to your computer and then you can transfer files like music, videos and pictures from the Motorola phone to computer, or from computer to Motorola phone. For example, if you have a music album on your computer and now you want to listem to them on your Motorola phone, you will think about transferring these music files from your computer to Motorola.

Well, music files can be transferred to Motorola from computer with USB cable, but what about text messages and contacts? The two types of files are located in internal memory on a Motorola phone that can't be accessed via USB cable only. Therefore, we have to draw support from Coolmuster Android Assistant( Win/Mac), which can be used to transfer files like photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages, apps and more between Motorola Droid/Atrix/Defy/Razr/Electrify/Backflip/Admiral and computer.

With only 3 simple steps, you can finish transferring files, no matter in the external memory or the internal memory, between Motorola phone and computer without any trouble.

How Do I Copy Data between Motorola and PC/Mac?

Step 1. Have your Motorola phone connected with USB

After downloading the trial version of the Motorola file transfer, you can connect your Motorola phone to the computer with USB cable. The transfer tool will detect your phone automatically.

phone info

Step 2. Scan and preview Motorola phone data

This program will start to scan your Motorola cell phone and display all phone data in categories, such as Photos, Video, Music, Apps, Contacts, SMS, etc. Just open each folder and preview your Motorola files in details.

preview sms

Step 3. Transfer files between Motorola and PC

Select the files you want to copy from Motorola mobile phone to computer or from computer to Motorola, and then you can click "Export" or "Import" button to begin the transfer.

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