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How to Copy Videos between LG and Computer?

I have no problems transferring mp3s to my phone with the cable and adapter but videos are something else. I would like to transfer YouTube (flv format) or wmv or avi clips to the phone. Has anyone been able to do this? if so, please tell me how-of course, Verizon won't. They push the VCast that you pay for. I have it on trial until April 16th.Thanks for all replies. -- newguy

You have a batch of wonderful movies and videos files on your computer and want to put them onto your LG phone, or you just shoot many videos on your LG G3 and want to transfer them to your computer using the USB cable that ships with the phone. Once you connect your LG phone to computer using this cable, your phone will be shown as a flash drive on your computer. In this way, you can transfer not only videos, but also music and photos between the LG phone and computer.

However, USB cable is not always effective, more and more people search for an alternative way to do the video transfer more stable. Then, I think you will be satisfied with the Coolmuster Android Assistant, which is suitable for both Windows and Mac users to transfer videos from your LG Optimus/G2/G3/Cosmos/Rumor to computer, or from computer to LG phone in 3 steps. It also enables you to transfer photos, music, apps, contacts, text messages, etc. between any Android device and computer.

Click the following button to get the free trial version of the LG Video Transfer.

Guide to Transfer Files between LG Phone and Computer

Step 1. Launch LG video transfer tool on your computer

After you have downloaded and installed the LG videos transfer program on your computer, launch it and connect your LG smart phone to computer via a USB cable. Then your mobile phone will be detected by the program soon.

phone info

Step 2. Copy videos from LG phone to computer

All files in your LG phone are classified here include Apps, Music, Photos, Videos, Contacts, SMS, etc. Just choose "Videos" and all video files on your LG phone are displayed. Choose your wanted videos and click "Export" to copy them to computer.

preview sms

Step 3. Transfer videos from computer to LG phone

Click the option of "Import" to bring out the file browsing window, select the video files you want to copy to LG phone and click "OK". All the selected video files will be transferred from computer to your LG phone now.

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