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How to Backup Contacts from Nexus 6 to Computer?

If you have stored many important contacts on your new Google Nexus 6, you must realize the importance of backing up these contacts on a computer because once you delete the contacts by mistake, get your Nexus 6 stolen or format the Nexus 6, these contacts would be lost and it is also hard to find them back again. Thus, you should learn out how to backup your contacts from the Nexus 6 so that you can get them restored once you lose them some day.

Many people have no idea about how to make Nexus 6 contacts backup. That's why we write this article to introduce the best Nexus 6 contacts backup tool - Coolmuster Android Assistant (Win/Mac) to help you easily backup not only contacts, but also text messages, photos, videos, music, apps and more from Nexus 10/9/7/6/5/4/3 to computer in 3 steps. Apart from the phone numbers, it also preserve contact information include emails address, job titles, company names, etc.

With so many advanced features, Coolmuster Android Assistant is worth a try. Below is the detailed guide to show you how to backup Nexus 6 contacts on computer step by step.

Simple Steps to Copy Nexus 6 Contacts on Computer

Step 1. Connect your Google Nexus 6 to PC

Use a USB cable to connect your Nexus 6 to computer (we set Windows PC as example). The program will start to detect your Nexus 6 as soon as possible and display it in the starting window.

phone info

Step 2. Preview and select the contacts you need

You can also view all files on your Nexus 6 are classified in different categories in the window. Please enter the "Contacts" folder and preview all the existing contacts in details.

Step 3. One-click to backup Nexus 6 contacts on PC

Mark all contacts that you want to backup and click the button of "Export" to transfer all the selected contacts to your computer with one click. All the exported contacts will be saved as html or VCF format.

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