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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

Buying a new Android phone and you may want to transfer data from iPhone to Android device, so as to fully enjoy your new device. But here comes the problem: how can you successfully sync iPhone data to Android in an easy and fast way? After all, files like contacts and messages which are saved in the internal memory and SIM card can't be easily accessed!

Don't worry! This Mobile Phone Transfer software can do it all! With this software, you can easily and directly transfer all files from iPhone to Android phone within simple clicks. All files including contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, apps and many more can be easily supported. Most importantly, this software can support different devices as long as they are running Android, iOS or Symbian systems. So you are totally free to share files among Android, iOS and Symbian devices!

Below are the free trial versions of this software! Why not download the right one and see whether it is the one you are looking for?

User Guide to Copy Android Contacts to iPhone

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then get the two devices connected to the computer via two USB cords. Then you will see the below interface. Just choose the mode of Phone to Phone Transfer to continue the process.

Then you can see different file folders are arranged on the top panel. You can enter the different file folder to preview more detailed file information. And then select the files you want to transfer from iPhone to Android by ticking them out. Then select OK option to sync iPhone data to Android in one click!

Switching from iPhone to Android with this powerful Mobile Phone Transfer software is no more a headache! So if this is exactly what you are looking for, just get the right version of this software and transfer data from iPhone to Android as wanted!

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