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Guide on How to Sync Android to Android

In this technological era, Android phones are keeping updating from time to time. Maybe after using your Android phone for a long time, you would probably consider updating to a brand-new Android phone. But how will you deal with all the old data saved on your Android phone , such as contacts, message and etc?

Actually, you can choose to transfer data from Android to Android, so as to still freely use these files on your new device. To easily and quickly transfer all files from one Android phone to another, you just need to fully rely on this Mobile Phone Transfer software, which allows you to directly sync Android to Android. All different files can be perfectly supported by this software including contacts, messages, videos, music, videos, apps and many more. Best of all, it supports more than simple Android to Android file transfer. With it, you are free to share files among Android, iOS and Symbian devices.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Once the installed software is opened on the computer, connect the two Android devices to the computer via the USB cords. Then this software will automatically detect the devices. You need to choose the mode of Phone to Phone Transfer and hit the Start option to continue.

After that, all the file folders will be displayed on the top panel. You can then enter the right tab to preview more and select the files you want to sync to another Android.

After selecting the wanted files, just hit the right or left arrow direction to transfer data from Android to Android as needed. And the file transfer process will be completed within a little while. As long as you have this almighty Mobile Phone Transfer software at your hand, it is just a matter of a few clicks to sync Android to Android!

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